Support Academy Open Edition!


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Welcome to the Support Academy Open Edition!

The Support Academy Open Edition is a set of 60 to 90 minute live webcasts. These webcasts are designed to provide technical presentations and product demonstrations, followed by questions and answers at the end of each session. The webcasts are presented in Portuguese and Spanish, by subject matter experts of the Microsoft Latin America Enterprise Support team.

The Support Academy started as an internal Microsoft training program, and due to its success and feedback received, it was extended to customers and partners. This initiative is a unique opportunity for customers and partners to interact directly with Microsoft Support Engineers, receiving technical information about new products, component/product troubleshooting, among others.

The webcasts are open to the general public. Anyone interested can participate. Webcast participants will be able to interact with the engineer presenting the session, clarifying doubts or asking questions.

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Upcoming Events







Exchange 2007 Cluster Continuous Replication – How does it work?



As a very cost effective solution for high availability, this new functionality included in Exchange, gives you new options for Fail Over, Backup Restore and Recovery.

Do you want to know how CCR works in Exchange 2007? Join us to understand how CCR technologies like asynchronous log shipping, replay and log resilience, work together for delivering this new functionality.

Daniel Seveso, Support Escalation Engineer for the Microsoft Commercial Technical Support Latin America team is our special presenter of this session.

We look forward to your attendance!


Date: 09/25/2007


01:00PM Dallas, Mexico City and Bogota time



02:00PM Lima, San Juan and Santiago time



03:00PM Buenos Aires and Montevideo time



07:00PM Madrid time

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Improvements in TCP/IP stack with Windows Vista<o:p></o:p>



The new Windows Vista TCP/IP was completely rebuild to offer better performance, security and scalability.

Those changes are working behind the scene to guarantee a great experience for the user. The goal of this presentation is to highlight the main features of the new TCP/IP stack and demonstrate how this will impact on customer’s environment.

Yuri Diogenes, Support Engineer for the Microsoft Commercial Technical Support Latin America team is our special presenter of this session.

Date: 09/27/2007


12:00PM Central Time (Dallas, Texas)



02:00PM Brasilia Time






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